Jesus meets his sorrowful mother


Watching and waiting.

A helpless bystander,

just another face in the crowd.


Flashbacks to that first encounter with the angel.

Words too mysterious to understand.

A child?  How can this be?


Joseph’s gentle acceptance.

No recriminations; no harsh words.


Then the day we almost lost him - an ache tearing my soul in two.

Even then he was marked out as special;

more God than man:

the miracles, signs and wonders.


Such love and compassion for the poor and the lonely,

the hungry and the outcast.


Such love … and now this:

the mob braying for his blood - insults, jeers, humiliation.


A sword pierces my heart.


Mary accepted God’s plan for her with humility and grace, trusting in his love and guidance.


But we are used to making decisions and choices based on our own judgement.


Lord, grant us the wisdom to recognise that you alone can see the bigger picture. Help us to trust you completely, even when the way ahead seems painful and bleak.