Jesus is Condemned to Death 


No proper evidence;

No justification for passing the death sentence.


The crowd eager for blood.


The self-righteous religious leaders puffed up with pride and hypocrisy; misusing their power and authority; keen to be rid of this trouble-maker who is constantly challenging them.


Pilate too scared to do the right thing, trying desperately to distance himself yet unable to wash himself clean of his involvement.


Barabbas, guilty as sin, walks free.


How ironic!

The only one free of guilt is the one who has to die, condemned by those he came to save.


We see injustice all around us, but do we challenge and confront it head-on as Jesus did?


Lord, help us to think of others; to place their concerns before our own.


Open our eyes to look out for the outcast and the stranger, for it is then that we welcome you.


Justice and Peace I