Jesus is laid in His tomb


A hurried burial.

A race against time to finish the preparations

before the Sabbath begins.


Joseph and Nicodemus,

both secret disciples, fearful of the Jews,

go together to prepare an empty tomb for Jesus’ body;

wrap it in a clean burial garment;

place it in the tomb

and roll a large stone over the entrance

to prevent anyone getting in and disturbing it.


The faithful group of followers trudge home,

their hearts heavy and sad,

unsure of what tomorrow may bring.


Joseph and Nicodemus kept the lowest profile of all the disciples and yet they were the ones who took centre stage in the final scene of Jesus’ death. Like them, we may be slow to make a commitment, but God’s patience is boundless - he never gives up on us.


Lord, be our inspiration on our journey, that we may work faithfully to bring about your kingdom of love and justice and peace.



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