Mon - Fri

Rosary Group:

8pm via Zoom

Access 252387114 password AveMaria


6th December 


Meeting at 7pm in the parish hall


8th December

Bereavement Group:

1-3pm in the parish hall


10th December

Church Yard Tidy-Up:



12th December

Celebration of 70 years of Lourdes pilgrimages:

Mass at 3pm at St Vincent’s Knutsford


12th December

Decorating Church Christmas tree:

2pm - 4pm


16th December

Christian Aid Collection:

At Gordale 10am - 9pm


17th December

Church Yard Tidy-Up:



18th December

Christian Aid Collection:

At Sainsbury's 9am - 8pm


18th December

Neston & District Churches Together:

Carol singing in Market Square, 10.30 – 11.30am


18th December

Neston Singers:

Carol Concert, URC Church at 7:30pm


4th January

Church Yard Tidy-Up:



12th January

Parish Social & Community Group:

Meeting at 7pm in the parish hall












Olivia Ros Atladottir

Ava Saunders

Harry MacNamee

Othello Ezra Carney

Enya Nowlan

Roman Weir

Ayria Scarlett Grace

Maxwell Nicholas Johnson

Florence Maloney

Ava Rose Leighton

India Walker








Rhian Delyth



Tim Owen


Annie Taylor


Daniel Keane


Elizabeth Kirby


David Ince


Blaithin Settle


Edward Wardell-Yerbugh







Our prayers are with the families of


Peter Osbyrne

Hilda Davidson

Pat Matthews

Mary Scohfield

Pamela Grace

James Cox

Alex Hughes

Florence Eckles

Norah Waring

Sylvia Wooldridge

Robert Watson

Alice Eeles

Kathleen Stevenson

Theresa Brennand

Alfred White

John Monaghan

Sheila Shields

Christopher Smith

Cannon Brendan Hoban

Michael Law

Alan Jones

June Sands

Dot Davies

Diana Philips

John Blain

Joe Malone

Tony Logan

Jacqueline Peers

John McKinley

Rodney Halewood

Eileen Perryman

Frank Power

Frances Smith

Gladys May Moreton

Joan Hewitt

Sheila Trimmer

Jacqueline Williams

Monica Ellis

Ron Jones

Maureen Jones

John Holden

Marie Jones

David Williams

Barbara Logan

Gerry Topping

Ellie Finn

Marceline Hewitt

Mary Ann Day





May the souls of the    faithful departed,

through the mercy of

God, rest in peace






Click on the link above to access the book of remembrance



We especially remember in our Eucharist all those whose anniversaries occur this month.




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