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Women’s World Day of Prayer 2015 - Friday, March 6th

St Winefride’s Church - 2pm

Parkgate & Neston U.R.C. - 7.30pm


When asked why this Day of Prayer was still called Women’s World Day of Prayer, one of the members of our National Committee commented:


“WWDP is not FOR women but FROM women: it is women’s gift to the whole church - to

everyone irrespective of age, gender, denomination, politics or anything else...it is about men and women of all ages worshipping and praying together using a service prepared by the Christian women of a particular country.”


This March we will be using a service prepared by the Christian women of The Bahamas – and having had a preview, I can tell you that within the worship there is a sense of the beautiful scenery and sunshine which will bring joy to our hearts after our winter weather! We associate our thoughts of The Bahamas with the beautiful tourist photos provided by travel agents, but there is another side – the one the tourists don’t see.


The first WWDP service in The Bahamas took place in Nassau in 1950, and it is hoped that the service will be held in all the 30 inhabited islands.


Each year two of our local churches use the service and everyone is invited to come to learn more about the country which has prepared the service; to hear about how they put their faith into action, and to pray for the concerns they have in their country.


This service is a truly international ‘happening’. From sunrise on 6th March in the Pacific Islands for every minute of the whole day the WWDP services are held right round the world; finishing at sunset having taken place in over 170 countries! In our own country there are over 250 services which take place around the country.


One of the most rewarding aspects of being involved with our local committee is learning what happens to our offering each year – grants are given to specific Christian projects worldwide.


For example, when France prepared the service, a grant was given to a project called ‘ZeBible’ project; this was aimed to reach out to 8 million French 15-25 year olds (71% do not own a Bible) to show them the relevance of the Bible today by using Facebook and an interactive web system. It has had great success, and has 25,000 followers.


Another success story of a grant that has had huge impact is a Rescue Project in Brazil – 120 children from Maues began school for the first time in an area abandoned by the state due to gang warfare, drug abuse and prostitution, with children as young as 10 giving birth, and drugs being sold openly on the streets. Parents could hardly believe their children were receiving a meal, uniforms and being educated. They were amazed that people so far away could care about them. Within weeks evidence of hope and healing began to appear, but this is just the beginning. Plans are in place to teach government recognised courses so that as they become young adults they will be able to gain employment.


Do come to one of the services if you can – you will enjoy the worship, the fellowship and the sense of belonging to the worldwide Church. It lifts us up to a greater vision of the Good News of Jesus Christ as we share the love of God with our neighbours near and far.


WWDP(Women's World Day of Prayer) Neston Committee News

A trip is taking place on Wednesday, 25th September 2013. We are going to Fulbeck, near Pudsey in Leeds which is home to a branch of Christianity founded in Bohemia in 1457. We will be having a guided tour of the Museum and Church. The Moravians are an independent Christian congregation who today are overseen by 30 clergy , including three women; their worship combines thesimplicity of the Free churches with the discipline of Anglican liturgy.


Moravians arrived in Britain, in 1744, after suffering persecution. Among their traditions is that Moravian communities "should be cities set on a hill, whose inhabitants let their light shine before men..."


It was at a Moravian church service in May, 1738 that John Wesley wrote that “I felt my heart was strangely warmed”.The influence of the Moravian Christians and this experience was to eventually lead to the founding of the Methodist Church.


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