Music at St Winefride's


Our choir practise is in church on Sundays from 4-5 pm.


Clips of the new material we are learning including music for Lent and Easter are below  - do join us if you can!


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Dan Schutte: Join in the Dance




Hymn for the Year of Mercy: Misericordes sicut Pater!

Verses in Italian in this version



1) Paul Inwood: You are the Centre of my Life



2) Bernadette Farrell: Unless a Grain of Wheat shall Fall



3) Terrye Coehlo: Father I adore you



4) Ernest Sands: Sing of the Lord's Goodness



5) Paul Inwood: Hymn for Year of Mercy



6) John L Bell: Enemy of Apathy



7) David Haas: Now We Remain



8) Christopher Walker: Take the Word of God with You



9) Carey Landry: Hail Mary - Gentle Woman



10) David Haas: Deep Within



11) Marty Haugen: Canticle of the Sun



12) Paul Inwood: Psalm 19 - You have the Message of Eternal Life